William Harrington Profile

Everything is going perfect for William Harrington. His family is successful, he’s set to begin at a prestigious college to study film production, and he’s one of the most eligible bachelors in America.

William is on track to soar to the top and become a Hollywood legend. However, there is another reputation William is quickly gaining, the reputation of a player.

His friends would describe him as having a charming personality, a great sense of humor, and a flirtatious nature, but the media rather grants him the title of a playboy.

To many, William easily qualifies as a ladies’ man, but there’s one girl who’s captured his attention who’s completely off limits. His pursuit of her leads him down a path of confusion, passion, and a risk of major heartbreak.

But have no fear, William doesn’t mind playing a good game.

What will come of William’s secret love? Are the rumors true? Is William really a flirt? Most importantly, who can William really trust?

Find out in The Name of the Game

Illustration by Maria Arias

All’s fair in love and war… Now, go get her.

— William Harrington in The Name of the Game

William Harrington, who would’ve thought the notorious player would wind up being such a romantic?

— Elena Kensington in The Name of the Game

The playboy philanthropy of William Harrington continues in Paris, France… Where will the teasing socialite strike next?

The Name of the Game

You know he’s a player.

— Liam Montgomery in The Name of the Game