Celeste de Loughrey Profile

Celeste de Loughrey inherited her golden charm from her mother, a prestigious socialite, and her competitive nature from her father, the champion businessman.

As the new CEO to her late father’s art company, Celeste is under immense pressure to succeed. She wants nothing more than to make her family proud, but controversy seems to follow her and her best friend, Elena, wherever they go.

Celeste also finds that romance is waiting for her in the least suspecting places. Under the scrutiny of the limelight, she must navigate these relationships carefully or risk losing them.

Unfortunately, Celeste’s mistakes catch up with her quickly and set fire to her professional life. Not only that, but a decades long feud between the de Loughrey and the Kensington families is reignited by Celeste and Elena.

What is the cause of the feud? Can their friendship survive? Will Celeste be able to salvage her career as CEO, or will the demise of her late father’s company come under her watch?

Find out in The Name of the Game

Illustration by Maria Arias

May the best woman win.

— Celeste de Loughrey in The Name of the Game

She no longer carried the weight of her upper class world when she was with him, and she no longer carried the weight of being Celeste de Loughrey.

The Name of the Game

I never lose a good game.

— Celeste de Loughrey in The Name of the Game