Elena Kensington Profile

Elena Kensington’s parents taught her two very important lessons. They taught her to protect herself above all else and the illicit ways they earned their fortune.

Now, her art tycoon parents are always abroad for business, and Elena is left to her own devices. Along with her best friend, Celeste, Elena indulges in her family’s pastimes, some more dangerous than others.

When scandals hit the press involving both Elena and Celeste, their friendship is put to the test, and a rivalry quickly begins.

With her career and reputation on the line, Elena must make careful decisions about her future, her friends, and her relationships.

If she doesn’t, Elena could risk losing everything.

Will there be reconciliation for the Kensington family? What trouble has Elena been getting into? Will Elena’s reputation become that of a serious businesswoman or a troubled socialite?

Find out in The Name of the Game

Illustration by Maria Arias

She went home to her empty house, the glorious Kensington estate with no family or friends within the walls of the magnificent mansion.

The Name of the Game

You don’t even know the name of the game you’re playing anymore, and that’s why I’m going to win tonight!

— Elena Kensington in The Name of the Game

A certain flower arrangement did catch his eye. It was a beautiful bouquet… bright and sweet, much like Elena.

The Name of the Game

The last thing the art industry wants is more of the de Loughreys, but the press will love you, Elena Kensington.

— Celeste de Loughrey in The Name of the Game