Huxley Burke Profile

Huxley Burke is the most unusual suspect one would expect to infiltrate the de Loughrey social circles, but upon a surprise romance with Celeste, Huxley finds his world turned upside down.

Huxley has striking intellect and a passion for literature, and he works steadily as a trusted journalist.

Unlike his new social circle, Huxley doesn’t come from wealth. He’s an old-fashioned gentleman with a strong moral code. He had humble upbringings and moved to California to pursue a greater life, which he did receive.

However, the tabloids spoil the glory of his new life. Huxley isn’t fond of the publicity he must endure, but he knows the web he weaves with the de Loughreys will forever be in the limelight.

Will the fortunate circumstances corrupt Huxley? Will his relationship become serious or a media spectacle? What else is there to Huxley Burke?

Find out in The Name of the Game

Illustration by Maria Arias

He was a cool conversationalist and a striking intellectual with a charming personality.

The Name of the Game

I’m a writer. Given my first name, I have to be a book lover. Don’t you think so?

— Huxley Burke in The Name of the Game

Don’t tell me what I’m reading in the tabloids is true. Is Huxley Burke truly domesticated now?

The Name of the Game

It seems that the name lingering on everyone’s lips was Huxley Burke

The Name of the Game