Liam Montgomery Profile

As the son of a world renowned film director and an A-list actress, Liam Montgomery is guaranteed success, at least that’s what his best friend, William, has tried to tell him.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Liam has committed to a career in filmmaking as a director, and he’d do anything to prove his worth.

Unfortunately, Liam finds himself in the midst of public squabbles, love triangles, and an unstable home environment which leads him down a despairing path. Rather than the reputation of a respected director, Liam’s been making a name for himself as a troubled teen idol.

That troubled nature seems to allure many to his ill-timed and misplaced charm. That same charm which advances him in the film industry causes ruptures in his personal life, sending him back into a cycle of poor press coverage.

Can Liam uphold the standards his father before him set in place? Will Liam find love and can he keep it within his grasp? Or will his poor circumstances get the best of him and take not only him down, but the Montgomery name?

Find out in The Name of the Game

Illustration by Maria Arias

If it isn’t Liam Montgomery, the new player in town! Are you trying to give me a run for my money?

— William Harrington in The Name of the Game

You didn’t hurt my feelings, but I sure can hurt you.

— Liam Montgomery in The Name of the Game

I know you can do it. You’re a Montgomery after all.

— Oliver Montgomery in The Name of the Game

 Liam spent his nights tossing and turning, trying to force her out of his mind. When asleep, he’d dream of her. When he was awake, he’d think of her. The memory of her was a nightmare from which he had no escape and crafted a hunger for which he had no satiation.

The Name of the Game